• The potential for successful climate policy in National Energy and climate plans

    We are really happy about the contribution our colleague Wytze did to a new publication on the elaboration of National Energy and Climate Plans. Integrating scaled-up mitigation technologies within existing economic and social structures face numerous difficulties and require careful planning. Different countries adopt different approaches to the integration of public opinions in these plans, sometimes neglecting the consideration of key aspects, which could result in the underestimation of the social impacts derived from  the implementation of climate actions, as well as a false perception of the feasibility of climate policies due to social resistance. The full open-access document can Read More
  • JIN's UNFCCC paper on NDCs and TNAs

    On the 26th of August of 2021, JIN presented its paper "Linkages between technology needs assessment process and the nationally determined contribution process" to the 23rd Meeting of the UNFCCC Technology Executive Committee (TEC). The paper can be downloaded from the UNFCCC webpage. In this paper, we explore how can TNA and NDC processes be coordinated so they can benefit from the findings of each other: TNAs are long-established processes that count on strong institutional structures to identify the technology needs of developing countries. This is done with the collaboration of local experts and community stakeholders, producing bankable implementation plans as Read More
  • UNFCCC paper on innovative approaches for accelerating climate technologies

    On 3 April 2020, JIN presented a paper on "Innovative approaches to accelerating and scaling up climate technology implementation" to the 20th Meeting of the UNFCCC Technology Executive Committee (TEC).The publication can be downloaded from the UNFCCC TEC website. The Paris Agreement calls for international collaboration on technology development and transfer to support the purpose and goals of the Paris Agreement. This publication explores innovative approaches to stimulating the uptake of existing climate technologies for mitigation and adaptation. Such innovations can be identified in the following areas: how technology options are selected by countries; how stakeholder views and practitioner knowledge, as well as Read More
  • Artikel - Koolstofmarkt krijgt handen en voeten

    Koolstofmarkt krijgt handen en voeten Steeds meer bedrijven en instellingen compenseren de eigen CO2-emissies. Door de aanschaf van certificaten doen ze op vrijwillige basis een schepje bovenop het reguliere klimaatbeleid. Om grip op de koolstofmarkt te houden, borgt de Stichting Nationale Koolstofmarkt de kwaliteit van gecertificeerde emissiereductie. Binnenkort volgt de uitreiking van de eerste officiële certificaten. Dit artikel geeft inkijkje in een snelgroeiend marksegment. Koolstofmarkt_krijgt_handen_en_voeten.pdf962.81 KB Read More
  • New contribution by JIN to Climate Policy

    The contribution of forest carbon credit projects to addressing the climate change challenge by Wytze van der Gaast, Richard Sikkema and Moriz Vohrer Climate Policy, Volume 18, 2018 - Issue 1 This article addresses the question of how forestry projects, given the recently improved standards for the accounting of carbon sequestration, can benefit from existing and emerging carbon markets in the world. For a long time, forestry projects have been set up for the purpose of generating carbon credits. They were surrounded by uncertainties about the permanence of carbon sequestration in trees, potential replacement of deforestation due to projects (leakage), and Read More
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