JIQ Special: Biogas development in Indonesia

Front page JIQ Special biogas indonesiaTRANSrisk project, 30 November 2016

The JIQ Magazine issue of December 2016 will include an overview of case studies on low emission transition pathways as covered by the TRANSrisk project. This JIQ Special elaborates on the case study that explores Indonesian transition pathways in biogas utilisation: pdfJIQ_Special_Nov2016_TRANSrisk_biogas_pathways_Indonesia.pdf519.5 KB

This article focuses on mapping the costs and benefits of biogas technology implementation on a household scale in Indonesia, and this is compared with the current dominant form of cooking fuel, i.e. fuel wood. Both options focus on household-level application.

Are you a stakeholder involved or interested in the biogas sector, in Indonesia or elsewhere? Feel free to join the discussion and share your thoughts and insights with the TRANSrisk project. For more information, please contact Takeshi Takama, an associate of TRANSrisk partner The Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), Oxford, UK (), and working for environmental consultancy su-re.co, based in Bali, Indonesia ().

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