JIQ Special: Assessing solar PV expansion pathways in the Netherlands

JIQ Special SolarPV front pageTRANSrisk project, 17 November 2016

The JIQ Magazine issue of December 2016 will include an overview of case studies on low emission transition pathways as covered by the TRANSrisk project. This JIQ Special elaborates on the case study that explores two pathways for rapid solar PV expansion in the Dutch electricity sector: pdfJIQ_Special_Nov2016_TRANSrisk_solar_pathways.pdf450.22 KB

The two transition pathways that are being considered are:

  1. Up-scaling of small-scale solar panel use in the built environment with a focus on households, small businesses, schools, etc.
  2. Large-scale applications of solar panels on state owned or controlled land/infrastructure (e.g. solar parks). Currently, large-scale solar establishments are scarce in the Netherlands, but this is expected to change since the national feed-in subsidy scheme has been reorganised and support is more fairly distributed among the eligible categories.

Are you a stakeholder involved or interested in the solar energy market sector? Feel free to join the discussion and share your thoughts and insights with the TRANSrisk project. For more information, please contact Krisztina Szendrei of JIN Climate and Sustainability.