Eise Spijker

Eise Spijker MSc. is a graduate from the University of Groningen and joined Foundation JIN in 2005. He has been involved both as a coordinator and researcher in a variety of research projects on climate and renewable energy, mainly focussing on policy interactions and market system dynamics (e.g. ENTTRANS FP6, APRAISE FP7, BIOTEAM - IEE, ENSPOL IEE, INTERREG IVa). Throughout his work he has gained specific knowledge on the functioning and optimisation of energy markets (electricity, gas, bioenergy), the sustainable use of biomass in the bioeconomy and policy impact assessment.

Eise was coordinator of the BIOTEAM project, focussing on the sustainability assessment of bioenergy pathways and bioenergy market system optimization. Currently (2019) he is involved in the RES4BUILD project.

Contact details

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  • Skype: eisespijker