JIQ Magazine December 2009JIQ Magazine vol. 15, no. 4 (December 2009)

The JIQ Magazine issue of December 2009 has been published, including the following topics:

  • Website renewed and updated
  • Uncertainty remains after Copenhagen (COP15 climate conference)
  • The Green Investment Scheme in the Czech Republic - Green Savings Programme (by Michaele Valentová)
  • Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) Handbook reviewed at consultation workshop in Groningen
  • CLEAN - A new low-emission assistance newtwork [update: CLEAN, the Coordinated Low Emission Assistance Network, has in 2012 merged into the LEDS Global Partnership]
  • Evaluating CDM distribution using an international trade framework (by Haifeng Wang and Jeremy Firestone)

The PDF file of the December 2009 issue of JIQ is available here: pdfJIQ_Magazine_December_2009.pdf2.07 MB