PUBLENEF energy efficiency newsletter November 2017

Supporting public authorities for implementing energy efficiency policies

PUBLENEF logoThe PUBLENEF project has released its third newsletter with updates on the project implementation. PUBLENEF is a 3-year (2016 – 2019) project assisting EU Member States, regions, and municipalities in effective implementation and development of energy policies. The results of the project will be achieved by matchmaking policy needs with best practices, development and implementation of energy efficiency policy roadmaps , events facilitating the knowledge exchange at national, regional and local level, and an online repository platform for exchange of materials and tools supporting implementation of efficient energy policy.

Download the newsletter (PDF, 7 pages) here: pdfpublenef-newsletter3.pdf2.78 MB

Status of the project

The PUBLENEF project is now halfway, and we can on the one hand look back to several research tasks that have been completed and on the other hand look forward to the remaining activities planned.A key first part of the project was the survey to assess the ‘needs’ or challenges encountered by European local, regional, and national governments in the implementation of energy efficiency measures. For local and regional government agencies, key challenges include a lack of budget, a lack of time (both for the staff and for other stakeholders), and the complexity of the issues and the administrative procedures. See page 2 of this newsletter for more information on the needs assessment. In addition to the identification of needs, PUBLENEF has also identified ‘good practices’ of policy implementation. In order to be able to overcome the identified needs, the ‘good practices’ have been matched to the needs. In this way, PUBLENEF can offer guidance to government agencies based on successful examples from other municipalities, regions, or countries. More on the matchmaking can be found on page 5.

Next steps

During the remainder of the project, PUBLENEF will focus on supporting governments and agencies on the various levels on energy efficiency policy implementation. A key aspect in this process is the development of ‘roadmaps’ in collaboration with municipalities, regions, and countries, focussing on specific challenges identified. Examples include a roadmap on the implementation of the energy strategy in the Spanish city of Valladolid, the roll-out of the energy programme for municipalities in the state of Upper Austria, and a system for monitoring of energy savings in Croatia. A full overview of the roadmaps is available on the PUBLENEF project website. Through publications and regional, national, and European events, PUBLENEF will ensure that the results of the ‘roadmaps’ and other research tasks will be spread to a wider audience and replicated throughout the EU.

Download the newsletter (PDF, 7 pages) here: pdfpublenef-newsletter3.pdf2.78 MB

The outcomes of the project are broadly disseminated and discussed with a wide audience of stakeholders during regional, national and EU level meetings. For an overview of events, see the PUBLENEF Events page. You can also follow the project via Twitter: @PUBLENEF.