PUBLENEF energy efficiency newsletter January 2017

Supporting public authorities for implementing energy efficiency policies

PUBLENEF logoThe PUBLENEF project has released its second newsletter with updates on the project implementation. PUBLENEF is a 3-year (2016 – 2019) project assisting EU Member States, regions, and municipalities in effective implementation and development of energy policies. The results of the project will be achieved by matchmaking policy needs with best practices, development and implementation of energy efficiency policy roadmaps , events facilitating the knowledge exchange at national, regional and local level, and an online repository platform for exchange of materials and tools supporting implementation of efficient energy policy.

New PUBLENEF reports

  • Compilation of good practices / case studies report: PUBLENEF presents the best practices in development of energy efficiency policies in EU Member States. These best cases have been selected following an analysis of the policies gathered by project partners from public authorities on local, regional and national level. The report, including the chosen top 20 of "best practice" energy efficiency policies, can be downloaded as a PDF file: PUBLENEF D2.1 Good Practices.
  • Compilation of needs assessments report: PUBLENEF compiled the outcomes of analysis on public bodies' needs in implementing of successful energy efficiency policies. The respondents, based on their experiences, provided information on their main needs, problems, and challenges when it comes to energy efficiency policy development and implementation. The report can be downloaded as a PDF file: PUBLENEF D2.2 Needs Assessments.

Best practices library

To learn more about good practice experiences shared by regional and local implementation bodies please visit the Best Practices Library, where you will find the examples of 21 energy efficiency policy plans and successful projects (based on the abovementioned Good Practices report). Examples of case studies in the best practices library include a crowdfunding platform for energy efficiency in Croatia, the Climatlantic project in Ireland, and the development of a local Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) in Romania. The best practices library is available online at the PUBLENEF website: Best Practices Library.

Next steps

The next steps to be carried out by the PUBLENEF project are as follows:

  • Matching the specific good practices with the identified national, regional and local needs
  • Implementation of roadmaps using the tools collected from different energy efficiency policy cases in Member States
  • Preparing the online repository platform for exchange of knowledge, solutions, and useful tools for public administration

The outcomes of the project are broadly disseminated and discussed with a wide audience of stakeholders during regional, national and EU level meetings. For an overview of events, see the PUBLENEF Events page. You can also follow the project via Twitter: @PUBLENEF.