Dutch National Carbon Market in non-ETS sectors

green deal bord

In a break-out session at the Netherlands Climate Summit in Rotterdam (26 October 2016), the initiative of establishing a National Carbon Market in Dutch non-ETS sectors was presented. The goal of the initiative is to streamline methodologies so that carbon credits based on projects will be reliable tokens of achieved emission reductions.

The initiative is aimed at a collaboration between over fifteen private sector actors and the Netherlands Government. Their collaboration will be formalised through a so-called Green Deal. 

The Green Deal collaboration will be organised in four workpackages:

  1. Methodologies: inventory of greenhouse gas acccounting methods for application to emission reduction projects in Dutch non-ETS sectors,
  2. Projects: application of these methologies to concrete projects,
  3. Trading: establishing a registry with projects as a meeting portal for carbon credit supply and demand,
  4. Institution and communication: ensuring longer-term continuation of the carbon market system, including appropriate communication to stakeholders.

These four workpackages will be supervised by a Committee of Experts.

The Green Deal partners aim at realising emission reductions through projects amounting to 0.5 megaton CO2-eq. per year by 2020.