JIQ Magazine April 2011JIQ Magazine vol. 17, no. 1 (April 2011)

The JIQ Magazine (Joint Implementation Quarterly) issue of April 2011 includes the following topics:

  • Interview with outgoing JISC Chairman Benoît Leguet: "JI is a perfect complement for emission trading schemes, now and after 2012"
  • ClimateTechWiki: A Clean Technology Platform
  • European Commission Presents Climate Policy Roadmap: a vision for 2050
  • Offset Mechanisms under Emission Caps: Let's Stick Together! (by Jelmer Hoogzaad)
  • Carbon Markets and Waste-to-Energy Technologies: a Good Match? (by Eise Spijker)
  • An Assessment of the EU Renewable Energy Targets and Supporting Climate Policies
  • Supporting Climate Policy Making by Local Governments - Guidelines by the Italian CARTESIO Network (by Alessandro Bosso, Enrico Cancila and Fabio Iraldo)
  • Evolution of the Bottom-up Climate Change Approach in the USA towards Future Federal Involvement (by Job Taminiau)

The PDF file of this JIQ issue can be downloaded here: pdfJIQ_Magazine_April_2011.pdf1.86 MB