JIQ Magazine October 2011JIQ Magazine vol. 17, no. 3 (October 2011)

The JIQ Magazine (Joint Implementation Quarterly) issue of October 2011 includes the following articles:

  • Editor's Note: the interlinkage of climate change with global development and energy issues
  • Joint Implementation: Russians harness their Horses Slowly, but Ride Fast (by Igor Shishlov)
  • New project: APRAISE - Assessment of Policy Impacts on Sustainability in Europe
  • JIQ Discussion Platform: Mitigation versus Sustainable Development? Why NAMAs Shouldn't Repeat the CDM's Mistakes (by Christof Arens, Hanna Wang-Helmreich and Timon Wehnert)
  • TNAssess - a Tool for Identifying Technologies for Climate and Development Goals

The PDF file of this JIQ issue is available here: pdfJIQ_Magazine_October_2011.pdf1.19 MB