JIQ Magazine Autumn 2012 front pageJIQ Magazine vol. 18, no. 3 (Autumn 2012)

Dear JIQ reader,

We have the pleasure to announce the publication of a new issue of the Joint Implementation Quarterly (Autumn 2012) with the following topics:

  • Dutch study on scope for domestic offsets
  • JI Photo Contest Winner Announced
  • Green Growth Best Practice (GGBP) initiative launched
  • Lessons from 10 years CDM - by Igor Shishlov and Valentin Bellassen
  • Planned ETS rules on international credits harm investors - by Moritz von Unger

The PDF file of this issue is available here: pdfJIQ_Magazine_Autumn_2012.pdf2.05 MB

We hope you enjoy reading this JIQ issue.

The JIQ Editorial Team