EU-MERCI 2nd energy efficiency webinar

EU MERCI logoEnergy efficiency implementation in industries: the EU-MERCI approach to “Good practices” for multi-sector companies

Industrial companies, European and National Industry Associations and ESCOs interested in exploiting the opportunities linked to energy efficiency and be informed in the trends in the EU industry, are invited to participate to the 2nd webinar of EU-MERCI.

The overarching objective of the EU- MERCI project is to support the growth of the energy efficiency in the industry processes, according to the targets of the “Energy Efficiency” Directive (2012/27/EU-EED). In that framework, EU- MERCI has conducted an extensive research on the energy uses and the related energy efficiency potentials in industry, which has led to the definition of a series of “Good practices”.

These are techniques or methodologies that, through in field experience and research, have been proven to be an effective way to reduce the costs and improve the core business of industrial enterprises by increasing their energy efficiency.

This webinar will present the “Good practices” for the Glass, Pulp& paper and Cement sectors and will give the opportunity to find out ideas on how to improve the competitiveness of industrial enterprises in these sectors. Participation to the webinar is free upon registration to the form at the following link:

The webinar's agenda can be downloaded here: pdfEUMERCI_WebinarB_Agenda.pdf284.80 KB. Read also the press release on the International Conference 'Good Practices of Energy Efficiency in the European industry processes' that was organised by EU-MERCI in Rome in February 2017: pdf2017_EUMERCI_Conference.pdf133.00 KB.