JIQ Magazine April 2013 front pageJIQ Magazine vol. 19, no. 1 (April 2013)

Dear JIQ reader,

We have the pleasure to present  the latest issue of the Joint Implementation Quarterly (JIQ) with the following topics:

  • EU Climate Policy after ‘Backloading’ Failure (by JIQ editors)
  • Technology Needs Assessment (TNA): Sudan Experience in Mitigation with Emphasis on Industrial Sector (by Ms. Mawahib Eltayeb Ahmed)
  • BIOTEAM – Optimizing Biomass to Energy Systems in Europe (New EU project supported by Intelligent Energy Europe)
  • How can Local Authorities Participate in Kyoto Actions? (by Fabio Iraldo and Federica Gasbarro)

The issue can be downloaded here: pdfJIQ_Magazine_April_2013.pdf1.41 MB

We hope you enjoy reading the issue.

All the best,

JIQ editors