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Initial reviews of green growth, green economy, low emission, low carbon and climate resilient development plans by the OECD (2011 and 2013), UNEP (2011), the World Bank (2012), UNESCAP (2012a), ADB (2013), AfDB (2012 and 2013), and UN et al. (2013) confirm that there is no single approach to green growth. They highlight common features and elements in the way that countries are developing their strategies, policies and measures for green growth. 

This report, Green Growth in Practice: Lessons from Country Experiences, carried out by the Green Growth Best Practice (GGBP) initiative, is the first comprehensive international assessment of lessons from experiences of pursuing green growth across all levels of government and all regions. It engaged 75 authors in evaluating more than 60 programs around the world.

The report focuses on nine interlinked elements that are commonly used by governments in green growth analysis, planning, implementation, and monitoring, as illustrated in Figure A. These elements are not a linear, step-by-step process which has to be followed. Governments may choose different entry points or initiate several elements in parallel depending on the domestic context.

The authors identified specific good practices and lessons for each of these nine key elements. In the following section, we summarize these practices and lessons with supporting examples from countries, states and cities around the world. The full analysis is available in the subsequent chapters of this report.

JIN has been involved in the Green Growth Best Practice initiative as implementing partner. JIN's Wytze van der Gaast was on the editor team, and a co-author of chapter 7 on public-private collaboration. The full report is available to download as a PDF file at the GGBP website: Green Growth Best Practice final report.

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  • Green Growth Best Practice
  • Commissioned by: European Climate Foundation and Global Green Growth Institute
  • Duration: 2012 - 2014

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