Connecting small and medium-sized enterprises for a green economy

Please note: this page is about the finalised (2013-2016) EU-funded project GreenEcoNet., not about the spin-off organisation Stichting GreenEcoNet.


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The GreenEcoNet consortium brings together leading research networks from across Europe. Over the next three years our ambition is to connect SMEs in Europe to each other to share their experiences, innovations and best practices; and to strengthen the links between SMEs and the research community.  GreenEcoNet is building the first European-wide SME knowledge-exchange platform on a green economy. The platform will combine an online hub, including a searchable database of good practices, case studies and tools, with a series of in-person dialogues and workshops. Through our activities we will connect SMEs, policy-makers and researchers in order to explore the opportunities, challenges and innovations required for the transition to green economies at a practical level.

Project details

  • GreenEcoNet ("A best practice platform to support the transition towards a green economy”)
  • Commissioned by: European Commission (Seventh Framework Programme)
  • Duration: 3 years (June 2013 - May 2016)


  • Stockholm Environment Institute at York, York, United Kingdom (SEI-Y)
  • JIN Climate and Sustainability, Groningen, Netherlands (JIN)
  • Centre for European Policy Studies, Brussels, Belgium (CEPS)
  • Green Economy Coalition, London, United Kingdom (GEC)
  • Ecologic Institute, Berlin, Germany (Ecologic)
  • University of Piraeus Research Centre, Piraeus, Greece (UPRC)

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