POLIMP Paris note 4 NovemberPOLIMP's Guide towards COP21 in Paris

No. 4, 26 November 2015

With the Paris climate conference (COP21) about to begin, the POLIMP project launches the 4th special briefing note as 'guide towards COP21'. The briefing note includes the following topics:

  • What (not) to expect from Paris? (by Andreas Türk, University of Graz and Joanneum Research)
  • Road to Paris: private-to-private climate finance (by Corrado Topi, The Stockholm Environment Institute at York)
  • What has climate to fear from trade? (by Henry Derwent, Climate Strategies)
  • Ways forward: enhancing the plans for implementation of climate technologies (by Wytze van der Gaast, JIN Climate and Sustainability)
  • Climate Policy Info Hub fostering COP21 stakeholders' preparations (by Chara Karakosta, UPRC & Phaedra Dede, NTUA)
  • COP21 Paris side-events planner, including POLIMP's side-event
  • Key publications

The 4th POLIMP Guide towards COP21 in Paris can be downloaded here: pdfPOLIMP_Paris_note_04_-_November.pdf1.11 MB, or visit the POLIMP website.