We are very happy to announce the publication of the paper "Technology roadmaps for scaled-up implementation of climate technologies in developing countries", authored by our colleagues Wytze van der Gaast and Carlos Picón,  which has been submitted to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). This comprehensive study delves into the concept of Technology Roadmaps (TRMs) and offers valuable insights and recommendations to enhance climate technology development and transfer in developing countries.

The study demonstrates that TRMs can encompass individual technologies, entire sectors, countries, or regions, providing advanced implementation plans and future visions for sustainable development with this flexibility allowing for tailored solutions to specific climate challenges. At the same time, while some TRMs are aligned with other UNFCCC processes, many remain standalone initiatives. The paper emphasizes the importance of formalizing connections between TRMs and other climate-related processes to ensure synergistic efforts in achieving climate and development goals.

This resulted in the following recommendations as a way forward:

  • TRM Guidebook: The paper suggests expanding the current TRM format into a guidebook, aiding developing countries in improving their TRM reports and aligning them with other supportive mechanisms under the UNFCCC.
  • TRM as Reference Document: The authors advocate for the creation of TRM reference documents that generalize challenges and solutions for climate and development, based on information gleaned from TNAs and TRMs across countries, offering valuable insights for nations facing similar challenges.
  • TRM for New and Proven Technologies: The research proposes the development of technology-level TRMs based on proven solutions and research and development (RD&D) in developing country contexts. This would guide countries in implementing specific technologies effectively.

The link to the full document can be found here.