CARISMA POLIMP Monitor March 2016 front pageCARISMA-POLIMP Climate Change Mitigation Monitor

No. 5, March 2016

A joint publication by two of JIN's projects, CARISMA and POLIMP, looking back at the Paris climate change conference (COP21). The Climate Change Mitigation Monitor series is a continuation of POLIMP's series of guidance notes in the run-up to COP21. After POLIMP finalises, in April 2016, the CARISMA project will continue the publication of the series.

The Monitor includes the following topics:

  • 'Paris' is the end of the beginning (by Dora Fazekas, University of Graz)
  • EU coordination and support for climate action
  • Reviewing the implementation of NDCs (by Harro van Asselt and Stefan Bößner, Stockholm Environment Institute)
  • Is consumption-based accounting the missing link to boost emission reductions? (by Carbon-CAP)
  • Outsourcing of green R&D to emering markets (by Cecilie Larsen & Ulrich Elmer Hansen, UNEP DTU Partnership)
  • CARISMA work progress, climate change platforms, and POLIMP final conference

The CARISMA-POLIMP Climate Change Monitor can be downloaded here: pdfCARISMA-POLIMP_Climate_Change_Mitigation_Monitor_March_2016.pdf2.27 MB